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Jungle Fever 

The concept of race shaping others’ opinions of me isn’t new. My skin colour is ever-present: it permeates all facets of my existence, it bleeds into my opinion of myself and often looms over each of my decisions. But my race does not define me. And skin colour is the first thing people notice about racialized folk,  but  there’s more to us than the…

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Penis fetish manifests art collection

*Editor’s Note: The name of the person in this story has been changed to protect her identity.  Some people think size matters, but Jane doesn’t discriminate.   The entryway of the 63-year-old’s apartment might be unsettling for some, but to her, seeing 15 wooden phalluses as soon as she takes her shoes off is not something…

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That three-letter word: Fixating on fetishes

Fetishes and fixations are objects or situations that a person finds extremely arousing. Ranging from feet and shoes to leather and latex, fetishes of all degrees are quite common. Just to get your toes in the water, here’s a quick overview of some more common fetishes. Tactile Many fetishes focused on touch are centred either…

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