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Sex education IRL

In this image: a portrait of Dr. Kate Rancourt.

Dr. Miranda Fudge and Dr. Kate Rancourt aim to alleviate stigma, along with educating the public about sex and busting some of the myths associated with it. 

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Chase the ace

In this image: A pin featuring the asexuality flag.

Michael J. Doré said many asexual people feel alone, “like they are misfit.” In reality, all they are is lacking sexual attraction.

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Movies mimicking society

The Shape of Water is not your usual Hollywood love story.   For starters, its female lead Elisa is deaf and played by an actress over the age of 25. Her best friends are also not quirky sidekicks, but an older gay artist and a black co-worker with their own struggles and desires.   And of course,…

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Sex positions for the signs

Spice up your sex life with your Valentine this month! Or find creative ways to wine, dine and treat yourself fine.   ~ Remember all sex positions only feel good if you’re both into it. Consent is very sexy! ~  Most of these sex positions can be tweaked to your sensual coupling; whether it be male…

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Penis fetish manifests art collection

*Editor’s Note: The name of the person in this story has been changed to protect her identity.  Some people think size matters, but Jane doesn’t discriminate.   The entryway of the 63-year-old’s apartment might be unsettling for some, but to her, seeing 15 wooden phalluses as soon as she takes her shoes off is not something…

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Not your Nana’s cross stitch

“I’m using my dead grandmother’s floss,” says Jade Nauss. “Before she passed away, knowing I was doing cross-stitch, she sent me a tin of her embroidery thread.”   “She had a sense of humor, she would probably appreciate it. She liked southern comfort and she swore a lot.”   After class, Nauss sits at home with her…

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Expression of self through boudoir

Kaylin Dickie and business partner, Megan Andrus smiled knowingly at one another as they sat around the wooden dining room table of a Victorian Airbnb they had booked to use as a temporary boudoir photography studio.   I’d asked if they had a favourite boudoir shoot they could tell me about.  “Our girl,” they responded simultaneously. …

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