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This cloud is not lonely

Head: This cloud is not lonely

Subhead: Aboriginal group on their ECMA nomination.
Author: Joana Trussler, Arts Contributor (

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Lone Cloud’s latest album *We are Medicine People* has been nominated for Aboriginal Recording of the Year at the 2013 East Coast Music Awards. Lone Cloud put this album together for their fans, cumulating their greatest set music into one beautiful blend of modern folk melodies and First Nations traditions.

Lone Cloud’s heart is centered on Aboriginal drumming and eclectic guitar melodies. The group speaks in both English and Mi’kmaq language to send a truly inspiring message about the preservation of tradition and culture while still embracing a little modernity.

Their song titled “Lone Cloud” from the new album is about Jerry Lone Cloud, a Mi’kmaw medicine man, whom Alan Syliboy describes as a Renaissance man with a strong community presence. Lead singer Rachael Henderson, their newest member, sings soothing and haunting tones against lead guitarist Evan Syliboy’s dark and trailing melodies. The sound is sensual and connects deeply with audiences.

Lone Cloud came together almost ten years ago when Alan Syliboy and his son Evan were invited to open a music center in Truro. The group’s lineup has changed, but not their mission to tell stories through original song with a traditional Mi’kmaq First Nation perspective. Each member has left their mark on the music through bringing influences from folk and rock to jazz. We can expect that Lone Cloud will continue to evolve as they collaborate on their next album, led by accomplished singer-songwriter Henderson.

Syliboy hopes that the nomination will raise the profile of traditional Aboriginal music and culture. He wants to encourage other Aboriginal artists in the Maritime community, and throughout Canada, to collaborate on music with a First Nations perspective.



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