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Too sexy for their stripes

A Dal men’s fashion special

Men's fashion. Photo by Angela Gzowksi
(Left to right) Averty, Miller, McCabe and Foster. Photo by Angela Gzowksi

The fashion column in the Gazette has been, admittedly, very female-focused this year.

After looking through past articles, I started to feel a bit guilty about how little fashion advice I had to give to those with a Y-chromosome.

Unfortunately, not having that chromosome, I knew I couldn’t truly do the topic justice. So, I decided to recruit some fashion-savvy Dal males and let them have their own say on what’s trendy, and what’s not.


Casson Foster: First-year sustainability and political science student

Favourite item?

My old rep tie. It’s got red and blue diagonal stripes. It was my grandfather’s.

What should come back in style?

I’m not sure. There’s been a lot of revival lately, like with bringing back Ray-Bans and oxfords. I just think if you want to bring something back in style, it’s pretty simple: you just wear it.

What was your most cringe-worthy fashion moment?

One time I was at American Apparel and I was feeling especially fashionable, and I bought a purple baseball jacket. I might have worn it a couple of times, and then put it away and was ashamed. That was many years ago.

Why is it important to dress well?

It has to do with people’s perceptions of you. In some ways, that shouldn’t matter, but it’s good to show people you know who you are. If you dress in your own personal style, people will know you’re true to yourself. And people will think you look good, too.


Greg Averty: Third-year mechanical engineering student

What would you call your style?

Greg-style. I wear a lot of skate stuff.

What would you like to see come back in style?

80s hair-dos. Long in the back, short in the front—sort of like a mullet. I just wish I could see people walking down the street with them.

Cringe-worthy fashion moment?

The Pokémon sweater I wore to picture day in grade five. It had Pikachu, Squirtle and Bulbasaur on it.

Fashion advice?

When people wear beanies, it should cover their ears and most of their forehead; you lose the most heat from your head. And I dislike Lady Gaga’s style. You shouldn’t wear a costume every day.

Largest collection?

Socks. I probably have 20 pairs.


Christopher Miller: Physiology grad student

Favourite Hali shops?

Biscuit is great. I’d like to say Duggers, but it’s a little too expensive for me. Anything from Banana Republic or Club Monaco, and vintage from Dressed In Time.

What should come back in style?

The daily mustache. I would wear one, every day.

Fashion advice?

Wash your sweatpants before going to the library. Also, wear what you like, be comfortable and unique.

Why is it important to dress well?

You should always dress for the part you want, not the part you have.

Biggest collection?

Shoes. This is a little embarrassing. I have probably around 75 pairs. And I only really wear a couple.


Pookiel McCabe: Second-year management student

Favourite Hali shops?

Fresh Goods, H&M, and Don Deez clothing.

Favourite item?

My favourite purchase would be my Obey 5 panel hat. It’s nothing expensive or super exclusive, but I just love wearing it, probably too much. I really should start switching it up a bit.

What should come back in style?

Corduroy pants and five-panel hats need to come back in style!

Cringe-worthy fashion moment?

My worst fashion moments would probably be when I used to wear XXXL T-shirts, hoodies and baggy pants. Thinking back on it, me being tall and slim didn’t help either. It just made me look that much more awkward.

Why is it important to dress well?

It’s important because it is a way of portraying confidence, expressing yourself and your style, as well as the fact that looking nice is never a bad thing.

Biggest collection?

The item that I have most of would probably be hats, with 13.


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