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The casual sexism of nerdy men

Growing up as a nerdy boy heavily influenced by video games and space operas meant that there was very little avoiding indoctrination into casual sexism.  Other articles in this issue cover the nuts and bolts of the issue. Needlessly skimpy and sexy armour. Heroes rescuing princesses’ (or other female characters.) While these things lay the ground…

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Not your mother’s feminism

“Women should build each other up instead of putting each other down.” These are the words of Ottawa-area high school teacher, Natalie Simard, when asked what feminism means to her. Natalie replied to the email I sent to a few people whose opinions I wanted on this article. Then I took to the campus to…

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Switching their stride

The Halifax Farmers’ Market is always packed like a soup tin, teeming with various forms of life. Exhibit A showcases a wailing infant, coupled with her panicky mother; Exhibit B is an elderly couple making their weekend rounds.  Salespeople are set up in every spare patch of floor available. Organic food vendors and artisans are…

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Male sex toys

Guys, I did a LOT of research for this article. Like, a lot. History? Check. Did you know that the oldest sex toy was discovered in Germany and is about 30,000 years old? Religion? Check. Four words: Pop culture? Check. Did anyone catch the latest episode of Californication? Hank Moody and company engage in…

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Too sexy for their stripes

Men's fashion.

A Dal men’s fashion special The fashion column in the Gazette has been, admittedly, very female-focused this year. After looking through past articles, I started to feel a bit guilty about how little fashion advice I had to give to those with a Y-chromosome. Unfortunately, not having that chromosome, I knew I couldn’t truly do the…

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