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Unconventional Valentine’s Day date ideas

No flowers required. Photo by Marco Laython

Valentine’s Day is one of those days people either love or hate. I haven’t met too many of the former, and I think that’s because Valentine’s Day has become this big  mess of unrealistic expectations, clichés and aggressive consumerism. And, if you are single, you might as well just house arrest yourself for the day because happy couples don’t want to hear you complain. Yeah, it’s no wonder most people aged 18 to 40 think Valentine’s Day sucks.

To help you bunch of cynical curmudgeons regain a bit of respect for Valentine’s Day, I have compiled a list of “unconventional”  date ideas as an anecdote to the traditional dinner, flowers and ridiculous La Senza lingerie. Chocolate remains on the table, though—this is indisputable.


1. Horror movie marathon:

Might I suggest the 1981 classic, My Bloody Valentine, a Canadian slasher/gore film about a deranged murderer killing those who celebrate Valentine’s Day.

2. Throw a Quirkyalone Day party

If you’re single, you shouldn’t have to fight against Valentine’s Day, or feel pressured to participate in it. The Quirkyalone movement is about celebrating and empowering friendship, independent spirit and, apparently, neologism.

3. Get your sweat on

OK, apart from the obvious, there are lots of sweaty ways you and your significant other could spend Valentine’s Day. Sign up for partner yoga, swing dancing, Latin or African dancing. Take a circus class together, because nothing fosters love quite like swinging 20 feet in the air!

4. Be Cultured

Find out how other countries celebrate their equivalent Valentine’s Days and borrow a few of their traditions. In Japan and Korea it is traditional for women to give men gifts on Feb. 14. In Britain they bake special Valentine’s buns with caraway seeds, plums and raisins. Malaysia’s day of love involves single women writing their phone numbers on oranges and tossing them into the nearest river for the man of their dreams to find.  This last one is sweet, but I don’t actually recommend all the single ladies in Halifax throw oranges into the harbour.

5. Virtual Valentine’s Day

If you are in a long distance relationship and need to communicate via Skype, schedule a virtual date together.  Plan a nice meal, put on some music and place your computer at the opposite end of your table to create the satisfying illusion of togetherness.  Also, playing online RPGs such as World of Warcraft with your significant other can make your virtual Valentine’s Day especially geeky by offering your characters Valentine’s themed bonus quests and gifts.

6. Postpone It

Three words: Candy on sale.


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