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What are you going to be this year?

Fashion columnist Rose Behar is here to help you find that perfect costume you’ve been searching for.

Don't end up like this. Photo by Mindhive
Don't end up like this. Photo by Mindhive

It’s a new dilemma every time October rolls around. What am I going to be for Halloween?

I’ve heard the conversations swirling already.

“I really want to be a human-version of a Dr. Who TARDIS, but it would be much easier if I went as a sexy Hogwarts student!”

Or, the more often heard, “I have no idea what to do! Where do I even go to look for costumes?”

Now that, I can help with.

There are so many great options for Halloween shopping in this student-centric town, you shouldn’t be too hard pressed to find a great store. Here are my personal top picks:

My first choice is Dress in Time, located at 5670 Spring Garden Rd. with an entrance on Brenton. Here you’ll find a wide range of out-there outfits, mostly retro-cute ones, with some verging on demurely sexy.

As The Coast so aptly put it: “Inside you’ll find a time machine treasure trove of women’s vintage clothing with a spectacular collection of dresses, handbags, shoes, boots and hats from the early 1900s to the present.”

But don’t worry, guys, there are plenty of options here for you too!

And Dress in Time doesn’t just hold vintage kitsch – there are also a few racks devoted solely to costume-wear.

If you can’t find anything marvellously unique there, or you’d just like to try for a different look -maybe something a little more scandalous – try a pop-up Halloween distributor, such as the one currently located on Quinpool, close to the Monastery Lane intersection.

Here you’ll find the basics: the sexy cop, the sexy doctor, Cleopatra, etc.

These are always good if you don’t have the time or energy needed to create your own look – but just a warning, the sizes are very standard. If you’re an outlier in either direction, petite or plus-sized, these costumes won’t be for you.

As for guy’s costumes at the outlet – the same basic costumes are available in their male versions (only slightly less sexy).

If all else fails, there are always those sweaty plastic masks and grim reaper staffs – perennial favourites.

But if you’re still looking for a costume just a little more on the wild side, there’s only one thing to be done: try a sex shop.

That’s right, don’t be shy – give it a try.

Many sex shops carry a wide range of sexy costumes that are not just for the bedroom, and are of higher quality than you’ll find at a standard Halloween store.

Just take a walk down the street to X-citement Video at 6260 Quinpool Rd., and check out the upstairs costume area.

Garments span from a perfect Cat Woman suit to Marilyn Monroe’s signature white dress.

There are some men’s options, but believe me, their appropriateness outside the bedroom is definitely questionable.

If none of these options seem quite up to par to you, and you like to get creative, then go ahead and try making your own – you’ve still got plenty of time.

Take a trip out to Bayer’s Lake and hit up Value Village and Fabricville to get supplies, then stitch and sequin you heart out.

Happy Halloween!

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