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Pet costumes ain’t your business

A photo of Charliecat.

Halloween isn’t just about candy anymore.   For a university student, the occasion usually means debates over cultural appropriation, objectifying costumes and different forms of drunken adolescent debauchery.  Most of the general population, and heaven forbid, even the wokest among us have forgotten one of the most important and contentious issues surrounding Halloween: pet costumes.  Let me make…

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Halifax haunts

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Like most old towns, Halifax has accumulated its share of ghost stories over the years.  Just ask Andrew Aulenback – local librarian and ghost enthusiast – who’s running two ghost tours this month in the spirit of Halloween.   His first ghost tour is taking place on Oct. 30 at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.  “The…

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Where is the Halloween spirit?

Stock photo of a creepy house.

Nobody knows at what particular point in history, the tradition of feasting and commemorating dead people jumped to getting drunk at parties and wearing exotic if not scary costumes.   But the interesting thing is, the notion of “ghost festivals” exist in many different cultures. And they’re all related to commemoration of the dead. Halloween today…

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The exception, not the rule

Halloween parties tend to be extra everything.   Extra loud, extra wild, and extra fun (this last point is debatable.) Whether or not you attend a Halloween party this year, the recklessness is inevitable. There will be a slew of messiness in the streets and raunchy documentation on your social media feed come Wednesday morning.  Trick-or-treating has…

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Halloween? More like Halloweird

  Holidays are weird. Seriously. Think about it. At Christmas, a large jolly man in a red suit flies through the sky and delivers presents into our homes via a chimney. At Easter, a big fluffy bunny leaves plastic eggs full of chocolate.   Then there’s Halloween: no strange creature or person enters our home, instead we knock…

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Reconsider that Bob Marley costume 

Halloween costumes that appropriate cultures, races, and identities are not cute or clever.  They’re offensive; and for some reason, it’s something our politically ‘woke’ generation hasn’t really stepped up to the plate on. It’s time for a crash course in cultural appropriation at Halloween: what appropriation is, why it’s is harmful, and how it can be stopped.  Why is…

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Gravestones on the quad

Should the DSU be focusing on homegrown advocacy? (Photo by Yi Nuo)

The Studley quad was littered with tombstones on Halloween, each one planted by a student, staff or faculty member concerned about campus operations. “It’s absolutely befitting considering everything going on at Dal,” says Jacqueline Skiptunis, VP academic of the Dalhousie Arts and Social Sciences Society, “the services, the courses, the integrity of the university has…

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Explored: Equity and accessibility co-ordinators

The Dalhousie Student Union’s (DSU) new equity and accessibility department is excited to start tackling some of the bigger issues on campus, including racism, sexism, homophobia and more. Elise Boudreau Graham, the campaigns and partnerships coordinator, was tabling outside the Grawood leading up to Halloween with information on their costume campaign. The mission? Discouraging cultural…

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Don’t mess up when you dress up

Regardless of the fact that there is always last-minute scrambling, I think about my Halloween costume options all year. (There are so many factors!) What will the weather be like? Can I find everything at Value Village? Will someone be wearing the same outfit? Do I want to be funny or clever or scary? Is…

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