We’re in the quad. We’re in the gym. We’re in the library (every floor). We’re in the bathroom stalls. We’re in classrooms and campus buildings. We’re in the Student Union Building (all over). We’re off-campus (in Coburg Social, Xtreme Pizza and more). Most importantly, we’re in students’ hands.

Local. On-campus. Student life.

Help your ads reach a niche audience with Dalhousie’s only campus paper, the Dalhousie Gazette.


Our Advertising and Business Manager, Alexandra, has been with the Gazette for two years. Before that, she was Visual Editor — so she understands the beauty of a good ad!

The Dalhousie Gazette offers ad design services at no additional cost.

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The Dalhousie Gazette distributes to 38 locations throughout the city of Halifax — in the Univeristy of King’s College, as well as throughout Dalhousie’s three campus locations (Studley, Carleton and Secton). We print and deliver 1200 copies of our paper bi-weekly on the second Friday of every month, with the exception of December and April. The dates during which the Dalhousie Gazette publishes is listed within this document.


The website dalgazette.com receives on average 20,000 monthly views, and users have a 20.6% engagement rate on our articles by commenting on and sharing content. Our ads are injected before the content of every page, meaning viewers will see your ad before they get to every story.

We use Google Analytics to gauge our analytics, and have staff trained on using SEO (search engine optimization) to increase visibility online through Google.


The Dalhousie Gazette has over 1,110 Facebook followers, over 1400 Instagram followers, and over 6,000 Twitter followers.

We regularly share news and links to stories, driving traffic to our website through our social media channels.

Our follower base is largely based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and has an engagement rate of over 30% on every platform. Our staff are trained to increase viewership of our online content by driving traffic to our website.

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