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LeMarchant Place Mixed-Use Facility Now Open

Mixed-use facility adds apartment-style residences as well as new home for student services

LeMarchant place
Photo by Danny Abriel


A new residence on Dalhousie’s Studley campus, LeMarchant Place, opened last week after nearly three years of construction.

Built to provide for the increasing number of out-of-province students, the 165,000 square foot building, more than half the size of the Killam Library, has space to house over 300 residents.

Laura Alsip, who used to live in Risley Hall, says she couldn’t be happier with her decision to live in the new residence this year.

“I like it a lot,” said Alsip. “It’s so conveniently located, the natural light is great, and I love having more privacy and space”.

The building also hosts a variety of student services including the International Student and Exchange Services, the Recruitment and Enrolment Centre, Health Services and Counseling Services.

“It is really important that the services Dal offers students are accessible,” says second-year student Sydney Miller.

“Now that many of these student services are even more accessible and centrally located, I think it will help to encourage students to use them more often.”

LeMarchant Place is unique in that it is the first university residence in Nova Scotia to pursue LEED gold certification, according to Kelly McGuire, communications manager for the department of facilities management.

To achieve this certification, the building was scored on a points system during construction and will continued to be scored in the efficiency of its green processes throughout the year.

The building has several green processes including a solar domestic water system and low-flow fixtures.

LeMarchant Place is the first facility to offer students living on campus apartment-style living, with choices available between two, three and four-bedroom suites.

“I think the option to have an apartment-style res on campus is really cool,” says Mona Agada, current resident of Risley Hall.


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