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No place to call home

The students of Halifax universities are struggling to find affordable apartments.  “My original intention was to get an apartment for myself. After a little searching, I realized that was a bit of a pipe dream,” says Nicole Rushton, a second-year student at Saint Mary’s University. Rushton moved to Halifax two years ago to work and pursue her education, and she has been…

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LeMarchant Place Mixed-Use Facility Now Open

Mixed-use facility adds apartment-style residences as well as new home for student services   A new residence on Dalhousie’s Studley campus, LeMarchant Place, opened last week after nearly three years of construction. Built to provide for the increasing number of out-of-province students, the 165,000 square foot building, more than half the size of the Killam…

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Student feels her voice was lost over sound complaint

Lily Yang wants students in university housing to know their rights. (Photo by Chris Parent)

When the community room next door to her apartment was too loud for her comfort, Lily Yang thought she could rely on the Nova Scotia Residential Tenancies Act to secure peace and quiet for her and her son. It was a surprise to her, then, when she discovered her Dalhousie-owned apartment wasn’t subject to the…

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Charming and cheap

So, you’ve spent countless hours scouring ads on Kijiji, visited every half-decent flat in Halifax and have finally decided on the place you want to call home. What’s next? Next comes the dilemma of making it feel like home without further emptying your wallet. Making your place look great doesn’t have to be an expensive affair;…

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Your first lease shouldn’t be trying to kill you

Don't wake up each morning wondering if that stench is normal. (Photo by Adele van Wyk)

The property market is a sea of strange houses, further complicated by the rush of students looking for September leases.  You can make the mess a little more manageable by keeping in mind some common red flags that might make you reconsider the flat you found online. Many people would say that damage is a…

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Housing matters

This is the kind of housing I can get behind. (Photo by Amin Helal)

  When my dad was in college, he lived with a guy he called “Zeke baby” (what? I know) in an apartment covered with shag carpet on the floors AND WALLS. The kitchen walls, made of stucco and decorated with beer bottle caps, were the only exception to this. My mom thought it was gross,…

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What to know before you rent

Nova Scotia is known for some of the most limiting rental rules in the country. While it’s not your best friend, the Nova Scotia Tenancy Act is there to protect you. Do yourself a favour and read it well, keep it close and ask questions.   1. Actually get your copy. It’s a little-known fact, but if…

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Rate your rental

The DSU's housing board will aim to keep student renters informed. (Photo by Sima Sahar Zerehi)

  The Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) is creating an online housing board, where students will be able to review their housing in an effort to stop preying landlords. “Landlords take advantage of the fact that students are here for a short time and no one is ever going to know. To that extent we just…

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