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DSU Black students’ community rep candidate: Omotayo Bankole

Omotayo Bankole is a third-year justice, law and society student running for the Dalhousie Student Union’s Black students’ community representative. He is the only candidate running for this position.

The below snippets of the Gazette’s interview with Bankole are edited for clarity and grammar.

Why do you want to run for community representative?

I’m driven by a lack of representation of Black students within the student union. With my candidacy, I am trying to provide much-needed representation and send a message to Black students that we have a right to participate in Dalhousie University’s student government. I hope to promote inclusivity and diversity within our student community.

What makes you the best candidate for community representative?

I believe I have strong skills that are necessary to advocate for students. I am also knowledgeable about the issues facing students and can help educate people.

How do you like to connect with the Dalhousie community, and how do you think that being a part of the DSU will help you connect with the Dalhousie community more?

I believe my vision and goals align with a lot of the associations and societies on campus, especially those concerning Black and African Nova Scotian students. For example, the Dalhousie African Student Association, the Caribbean Student Association and the Black United Student Association [are societies with which my goals align]. I have contacts within these communities, so I’ll be able to address the Black student body properly and be able to collaborate with those communities to ensure they have a voice.

Cover photo: Dalhousie Student Union


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