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Dating in Halifax

This article will help you navigate your way to love. (Alice Hebb photo)
This article will help you navigate your way to love. (Alice Hebb photo)

There is no denying that wherever you are, whatever your age, or whomever you are spending your time with, love is all around us. It is just a matter of finding it. As a 19-year-old girl I can attest to having experienced the wicked game of dating with all its highs and very (very) lows. I can even attest to being on the butt end of the line “It’s not you, it’s me,” and even better, “I just really need to work on finding myself right now.” The question I pose is: why? Why is it so hard for so many of us to find what (and who) we’re looking for?

Trying to organize the Halifax dating scene is like trying to put method to madness. However, I have determined, after much research, that it can be categorized geographically. By dividing the city off into sectors it is possible to locate the specific type of person and intimacy you are looking for.

I’ll begin with the easiest section: campus. Here you will find all types of affection, ranging from the publicly displayed honeymoon stage to the may-as-well-be-married “whipped” lovers. On a pleasantly warm spring day, walking though central campus can make you feel as though you’ve stepped into an eHarmony advertisement. Outside the Killiam you’ll find a couple struggling desperately to fit into the same Muskoka chair. To your left you will see a friendly game of Frisbee—or should I call it wrestling? Revise that statement: to your left you will see a friendly game of Frisbee that has eliminated the no contact rule.

Head east and you will quickly hit the bar scene. This section is also a no-brainer. On the weekends the bars are flooded with lonely university students looking for a good time. There is no shortage of highly intoxicated guys, or girls, looking to grab the first fish who will bite their bait. They aren’t left waiting long either. This happens despite the amount of heavily-filtered Instagram pictures bearing captions like, “Just me and my girls tonight!” Even when out for breakfast, girls can expect to be treated to a beer with your pancakes. These are courtesy of the dedicated pick-up artists who are always up for the challenge, no matter how early in the morning.

When searching for the more intimate locations, the map becomes slightly sporadic. Check into any local coffee shop around the city for deep and poetic conversation on topics of all sorts. Expect the duration of your cup of joe to cover decoding Ayn Rand to reviewing the new Tegan and Sara album. Needless to say, you will exit the building holding a napkin with a list of songs you have to download the minute you get home.

Our city is so rich with culture that it is hard not to become immersed in all of it at once. Saying this, I would advise you to visit all the sectors mentioned before settling down. Despite my cynical tone, the Halifax dating scene is something that everyone should encounter. If you have experienced the throes of love in Halifax, you can consider yourself a seasoned veteran in all that is love and war.


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