Dear oppressed males

A letter from a female

Dear oppressed males,

I hear you. I really do. Hear me when I say that I recognize you, I empathize with you, I’m here for you.

I know that you don’t hear me, though.

I am so, so far removed from your ego-verse there was actually a debate on whether or not I’m even considered a part of your society-system or not.

I know that you don’t need to hear me either, though.

I imagine it must be so stressful to constantly be occupied by a barrage of your own eloquent thoughts and praises from those who surround you.

I can’t imagine how it must feel to walk to your car without a care in the world.

No literally, I can’t.

It’s not because I’m afraid of clowns. It’s because I am a woman and society has systematically regressed my identity to my gender and my gender to my biological sex and then decided that that was how I was going to be identified.

This isn’t an angry tirade against males and how us women need to overthrow the corrupt white supremacist male by the very base of his peen.

This is a desperate and for stunning clarity that when you are accustomed to privilege, equality can feel like oppression.




Dear males,

Hear me. Really, listen to my words.

Recognize me. Feel empathy. Stand with me.

I know you don’t hear me, though.

I am so, so far removed from your ego-verse there was actually a debate on whether or not I’m even considered a part of your society-system or not.

You need to hear me, though.

I am so exhausted from trying to make a male understand why I’m so beat down by the struggle of making us heard.

I’m exhausted by having to ask, “What if it was your sister? Or your wife?”

Why not just because she is a human being?

I’m tired of brushing off uncomfortable comments from males. I’m bored with the idea of masking male supremacy with pinkwashing acts of “female empowerment.”

If you are feeling suffocated by fear of a clown jumping out from behind you as you walk to your car at night, remember this is how every woman you’ve ever encountered in your life has felt at least once in her life. I’m willing to bet almost every time, in fact.

If you are feeling like you are being over-stepped by that “bitch” who won’t stop interrupting you during your chemistry tutorial, remember not every thought that wisps through your mind, like fog in an empty forest, doesn’t need to be said.

If you’re feeling like you have no power, well that’s the fucking point.

By definition, equality is, “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities,” there is no struggle between parties.

By definition, feminism means, “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.”

Based on these two definitions alone – feminism ≠ equality for a glaringly obvious reason:

“…to men.”

Feminism IS NOT a war on males.

Feminism IS NOT designed to regress males.

Feminism IS NOT because women are better.

Feminism is a movement designed to empower women to level where they are on the same playing field as a male politically, aka, the same status under the law; socially aka, stop treating us like fucking objects; and economically, aka pay us what we deserve and tax us like we deserve.

#feminismbecause I deserve $1 for every $1 a male of same qualifications

#feminismbecause It doesn’t matter if someone has “seen it before” – it doesn’t mean they “get” to see it again

#feminismbecasue Just once, I want to tell a male friend about my struggle as a woman in our world and be met with the words, “How does it feel?” instead of ignorant condescension and the assumption that I’m just being a woman and so must be over exaggerating the way I feel. (PS You also don’t get to validate people’s feelings.)

#feminismbecause We are human beings. We matter. Even if we aren’t one of your sisters.

We’re here. We aren’t going anywhere.

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