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DSU Supporting Segregation

The pilot project introducing private swims for women at Dalplex raises concern. According to published reports, these swims have been implemented for “cultural” and “religious” reasons. It has been reported that the DSU supports this measure, and has contributed funding to purchase blinds at the pool.

I am opposed to this pilot project which has no place in a public building. Dalplex has offered mixed swims since the 1970s but there is now a need for “privacy”? Not only privacy, but with blinds? This measure has no place in an inclusive, pluralistic society where people of different genders, abilities, ages and orientations co-mingle. If women are so uncomfortable that they must shield themselves from society they should find a pool located on private property.

Persons with severe physical disabilities swim at public pools with able-bodied people, of both genders. It is offensive that the DSU is condoning segregation of men and women at a public facility. It is ridiculous that blinds are being supplied by the DSU to validate the idea that women must be sequestered from the rest of society and indeed from other women, who, like myself, really enjoys watching others swim and have fun in a pool.

If women believe they must hide in shame, they should fundraise to build a pool of their own.

Yours truly,

Mary MacDonald

Dalhousie student


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