Intolerable sexism at the CBC

written by Sally C, Letter Writer
February 27, 2015 5:41 pm

When running the story about the advertisement on national primetime Dalhousie Dentistry Facebook posts, the CBC wrote ‘Dalhousie University in Halifax has launched an investigation into disturbing, sexually explicit Facebook posts attributed to male students in the faculty of dentistry’.

I do not condone the actions of the dental students who took sexist images and quotations from the internet and made them worse on their password protected private Facebook site, but this is nothing compared to the hypocrisy of the CBC, who is currently running advertisements for their show Schitt’s Creek. Their TV shows a man in a dominant sexually provocative pose with a woman with the caption, ‘Welcome to Schitt’s Creek, where everyone fits in’. In my opinion, this is far, far worse than the Salami cartoon, or the Public Entrance image that the dentistry students posted on their site that then drew the ire of the CBC and the nation.

I suggest that Dalhousie students should call the CBC out on this obvious double standard.

Sally C.

2 comments on “Intolerable sexism at the CBC

  1. Helen Keen on

    Sally I fully agree with you.
    That the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation should be allowed to show an image that strongly suggests that a man is taking a woman from from behind is disgusting. On top of that, the caption reads ” Schitts Creek, where everyone fits in” !

    The CBC should be ashamed.


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