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Letter from the editor

Originally published in Volume 150 Issue 1 of the Dalhousie Gazette on September 1st, 2017 .

Whether you’re a first-year student stepping onto campus for your first day of O-week or you’re a 5th-year entering your second-last semester before graduating with an undergrad—the start of the new, fall semester at Dalhousie University is busy.

Halifax traffic is essentially a parking lot across the city, campus is packed with students still unsure of which classes have mandatory attendance, and cars with mattresses stacked on top held down by four people with the window rolled down are cruising through the South End.

It’s busy, but it’s exciting to be back on campus, why else would we all be here?

This is where The Dalhousie Gazette is here to help you not just survive the busy—but thrive in it. The hustle and bustle of university life that we constantly hear about can be managed.

Busy is being engaged, it’s joining societies, meeting your peers and finding those that become your buddies for the next four or so years of your undergrad.

Busy is staying constantly one day behind on your readings, studying, and finishing an assignment one hour before the deadline.

Busy is overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. This first issue of The Gazette is to help ease you into the Dal Life, from moving out of rez to making actual friends—not just the ones you steal notes from when you skip class—and for the rest of the year we’ll be here, every second week, to accompany and guide you through that Dal Life.

Dalhousie has been busy for 200 years now, and The Gazette has been covering the that hustle for the past 150 years of it. We’ve had rounds of budding student journalists rotating through our office, we’ve changed with the times, built a website, and this past year started a podcast each week we don’t publish a print issue.

We’re still here, we’re still your voice for campus news and ready for another lively year on campus. Welcome, to the chaos, you’ll persevere.


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