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Letter to the Editor

Dylan Matthias,

I am writing to address two recent articles that have been published in the Gazette. Firstly, the article written about Slutwalk Halifax showed a photograph cropped just to show a woman’ torso (this was a picture of me) I would also like to note that the reporter who wrote the article never even attended the march nor asked anyone any questions. I would have been more than happy to have a photo of my whole body or of the whole rally be taken. When I wrote a letter voicing these concerns concerns I received no reply except for a recent editorial, “smile, you’re at a protest!” this editorial is highly offensive in many ways. Some of these have been addressed in other letters. But I have a few to add. I was not “only” in my bra, if you had actually used a picture of my whole body, you would know that I was wearing a jacket, pants and shoes. And so what if I want to join in the spirit of the protest, which is about wearing what you want without anyone being able to use, manipulate, or violate your body.

Also we are asking, not that “you silence your already underrepresented voice”, but use some journalistic integrity and provide context. I hope that this input will make the Dal Gazette a better and more responsible publication.


Emilia Volz

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