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DSU’s decision to leave StudentsNS ill-informed

In my first year at Dalhousie, I was Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) secretary. I was impressed, then, to learn about the Alliance of Nova Scotia Students’ Associations (ANSSA) and its work to advance student concerns. In the previous year, 2008, it had successfully lobbied for the creation of Nova Scotia Student Grants, as well as…

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Letter to the editor: Transparency lacking in DSU

Dear Editor, The recent debates regarding appropriate student advocacy for the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU)—and the DSU’s now former association with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) and Students Nova Scotia (SNS) have come to a head. But I believe that some of the most telling things this process has brought to light are…

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Letter to the editor: Positive changes

Rebecca Rose kicks things off

Dear Editor, The results of Wednesday’s council vote have allowed the DSU to finally break free from the roughly $136,000 shackles of two external advocacy organizations: the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) and Students Nova Scotia (SNS). As a senate representative on council, I continue to be in full support of this decision based…

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Letters to the Editor (Sept. 20)

Dear Editor: I write as a resident of Edward Street, near (but not “on”) the Dalhousie campus. Every fall and every spring there is a turnover of student residents in apartments on our street, and neighbouring Henry and South streets. Every fall and every spring a new group of students learns about life in community…

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Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor, Your article on a woman’s experience of sexualized violence in a Halifax bar was upsetting and concerning. Sexual assault is not something anyone should have to experience. Unfortunately, rape and sexualized violence happen frequently in Nova Scotia, and it is important to ask, “How do we end sexualized violence in Nova Scotia?” Avalon…

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Letter to the Editor

Hello, I just would like to officially write to the Gazette voicing my opinion regarding your most recent issue and the lack of diversity in the reporting on the DSU election results. There was a lack of coverage of the individuals who ran a clean campaign and followed the clearly outlined election rules. As of…

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365 Days of Action: The DSU working for students

As president of the Dalhousie Student Union, I am used to criticism. Not only am I used to it myself, I am also used to taking it on behalf of my organization and my colleagues. I have no problem with this. Constructively using criticism to improve my effectiveness, and the functions of the DSU, is…

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Re: Occupiers Attempt Central Park

Dear Editor, Please allow me to follow up on a story recently written by Katrina Pyne, “Occupiers Attempt Central Park.” I was there at the Global Prayer Circle in Central Park on Friday night, and I was involved in the planning of the event. A beautiful service was held there that lasted from 11:11 p.m.…

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