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Mason Compromises on Pizza

Halifax convenience stores lose money despite change in by-law

Students living in the Dalhousie University area quickly become acquainted with the two pizza places on the corner of Jubilee Road and Preston Street. Jubilee Junction Convenience & Take Out and Triple A Convenience & Pizzeria are both busy spots on Friday and Saturday nights for students. Their cheap, big-bite slices of pizza and late hours of operation make it easily accessible for students. 

The two neighbourhood convenience stores are now affected by a pesky by-law, proposed in fall 2022,  which would have forced businesses in residential areas to close at 11 p.m. The by-law was proposed due to the excessive noise from students affecting nearby residents.

After recent compromises made in city council, the businesses now allowed to serve customers until 1 a.m. This has not satisfied business owners or other students.

‘The by-law only affects local businesses. It isn’t fair.’

Jubilee Junction and Triple A were previously open until 3 a.m. This was especially important to their business on Friday and Saturday nights when it was busiest.

Due to their late hours, students often went to the neighbourhood pizzerias after a night out or after studying on a late night. The two pizzerias now lose money thanks to the by-law. Their earlier hours mean they miss out on the busiest times of the night.

While the two pizzerias lose customers, students spend their money elsewhere on delivery services from fast food giants. Small local companies are usually found in residential areas, so the by-law largely affects local businesses. It isn’t fair. Fast food giants benefit from the by-law making small local businesses close early. 

Dalhousie area is always noisy

Since these spots are popular among Dal students, the area gets noisy and difficult for residents living in the area. That is bound  to continue regardless of the by-law.

If you’re living in the residential Dal area it is always going to be busy and noisy since the majority of students live close to Dal or on campus. I find the complaints a little foolish since this should be expected when living in an area next to a big university –especially on Friday and Saturday nights when students all around are coming from bars and parties intoxicated.

Police always seem to be around campus in case things get out of hand, but no matter what changes the council continues trying to reduce noise in the area. I don’t see it changing.

The change of closing time from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. is certainly excellent for the pizzerias. But the noise and activity will never cease entirely no matter how much local residents want it. The neighborhood convenience stores should not be negatively impacted by by-laws just because they are benefitting from the student activity. 


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