On good luck charms

The key to keeping a positive mindset

With exams and final essays on the horizon, good luck charms help keep our mindset positive when we need it most. Good luck charms remind us to believe in ourselves.

My personal good luck charms are crystals. I have a chunk of aquamarine crystal I take on planes, for example. It’s a protective stone, especially while travelling over water, so it’s perfect for trips. 

For tests and exams, I use two types of crystals as good luck charms. 

The first is amethyst, which I have two of. Amethyst is thought to be one of the most effective healing crystals, counteracting negative energies. It’s also believed to calm and soothe

The second is chevron amethyst, of which I also have two. Chevron amethyst is amethyst combined with quartz, and it offers strong and focused energy to repel negativity.

Two other crystals in my good luck charm collection are tiger’s eye and rose quartz. For me, tiger’s eye is a great crystal for exams. It helps me overcome fear and boosts my determination. It’s also meant to encourage growth, expand creativity and help people try new things. 

Rose quartz is a crystal for reassurance and calmness, helping with emotional balance and accepting change. It also helps me sleep by preventing nightmares and providing good dreams. Rose quartz strengthens empathy and sensitivity. I have multiple rose quartz stones, as I’m a very emotional person and struggle with balancing my emotions and accepting change.

Famous and well-known good luck charms

For some people, good luck charms are the objects that come to mind because they’re so well-known for their lucky qualities. 

Arguably the most famous good luck charm is the four-leaf clover. 

True four-leaf clovers are a genetic mutation of the white clover plant, and they’re rare. They only occur around one in 10,000 plants. So, finding one is pretty lucky. 

The trick to finding out if a clover is a true four-leaf is to look at the size of the leaflets. True four-leaf clovers have one leaflet smaller than the others. 

Dice are also famous good luck charms., They began as a World War II tradition. Fighter pilots started bringing gambling items, such as dice and cards, aboard missions for good luck. Now we even see fuzzy dice hanging from rearview mirrors in cars.

Sometimes the luck of an object depends on where you’re from. Ladybugs are known to bring good luck in many countries. In German, the word for ladybug translates to “lucky bug.” Some cultures believe letting a ladybug stay on you after it lands will improve luck. Some believe the deeper red in colour a ladybug is and the more spots it has, the more luck it’ll bring. There’s a twist to this charm, however, as killing a ladybug might bring bad luck.

Another well-known lucky charm I subscribe to is the dreamcatcher. There are many origin stories for dreamcatchers, including those leading back to the Ojibwa culture. It is thought that they capture bad dreams in their webs and let the good dreams go through. Dreamcatchers are a personal favourite good luck charm of mine. I’ve struggled with nightmares since I was little, and they’ve gotten worse in recent years. I find dreamcatchers help reduce my nightmares, both in frequency and in severity. 

Religion also plays a strong role in how some of us view symbols of luck. One example of this is statues and medallions of Saint Christopher. Commonly associated with travellers, my family has a personal connection to Saint Christopher good luck charms. 

When my dad was growing up, his mom gave him and his siblings each a cross with Saint Christopher on it to protect them on their travels.

No matter which charm you choose, the luck in your charm likely comes from within.

Good luck charms encourage positive thinking

I associate good luck charms with positivity. Keeping a positive mindset in life is important, especially during exams. I think good luck charms also ground us.

Mindset matters. Something which highlights this point is the act of manifestation. Manifestation is taking a thought or belief and making it happen. Not all manifestation is intentional and both negative and positive thoughts are reflected through manifestation. 

Good luck charms give us faith. Sometimes they’re the voice we need to hear saying, “I believe in you, you can do this.” They may not be for everyone, but I definitely feel more confident, calm and grounded when I have my good luck charms with me.

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