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Exams aren’t everything!

BY TANAKA SHUMBA AND MEGHAN CHISHOLM Exam Encouragement  Exam season is finally upon us. In a few weeks we’ll all be writing our final exams before heading home for the holidays. Before you take your exams, there are a few things you need to know.   Yes, exams are important – but remember that they don’t assess what makes each of us exceptional…

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Self-care pays off 

Work is never ending on the Dalhousie University campus.   Midterms, papers, jobs, and extracurricular activities just keep piling up. The result is stress, burnout and agitation.  The remedy for this chaos is self-care. Self-care benefits your physical health and overall well-being. Practicing self-care gets neglected when our calendars are overbooked. We fall victims to the adage, “hard work pays off.”  It…

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Tips to survive exam season 

Here’s the funny thing about me writing an article about how to prep for exams: I’ve haven’t got a clue.   Knowing this about myself, I’ve consulted many experts on the topic in preparation for round one with university exams, and I’d like to share some of the advice I received with you guys.   Location, location, location  The key to…

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Tips and tricks for exam season

It’s that time of the year again—exams are just around the corner! Many of us may be tempted to pull all-nighters, drink countless cups of coffee, binge watch Netflix and leave studying to the last minute. I am sure that this is not the first time you’ve heard this, but—those are ineffective ways to prepare…

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School on full speed: An issue of academic integrity

Four writers weigh in on the growing use of prescription drugs to study. (Photo by Adele van Wyk)

This week, I asked my writers to weigh in on the increasing abuse of so-called “study drugs” on university campuses. This catchy term refers to the non-prescribed use of drugs meant to treat ADD and ADHD (Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder), such as Ritalin and Adderall, by students hoping to get an advantage in their studies.…

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Study drugs “extremely easy” to find in residence: Dal student

Precription drugs are changing hands at Canadian universities. (Photo by Adele van Wyk.)

  Adderall. Ritalin. Concerta. Students cramming for midterms and exams probably make less-than-great decisions. But some take all-nighters and stimulants to a whole new level. Some students turn to study drugs, prescription medications used to focus the mind. For most, it’s meant to be harmless. Anything to survive that last exam. For others, it’s as…

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Quiet nightmare

The yoga space was gone. The badminton nets were missing. The basketball court had been annihilated, or at least removed out of sight. In their place were rows of wobbly, splintery desks. You know what I’m talking about, fellow Dalhousie student. It was exam time at the Dalplex, and only three hours separated me from…

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Study spaces during crunch time

Surprise! It’s the most wonderful time of the year: exam period is upon us once again. Every December and every April it’s like the nightmare of all the assignments, papers and exams is happening for the first time, and every semester we feel traumatized anew by the time it’s all over. These days most of…

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The Productivity Hack

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How to stay on top of your work, while still having fun Thanksgiving has come and gone, and that means, miraculously, you’re already halfway through the fall term. It also means mid-term tests and assignments are going to start piling up, meaning productivity and good study habits are more essential than ever to stay on…

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Frosh Survival Guide: Exam prep

By Katie Ingram, Opinions Columnist Around early December, students start to fear one word: exams. Although there tends to be a lot of exams in a two-week period, there are ways to ensure you remain relatively stress-free and successful during this trying time. Get organized To start, make sure you are caught up on all readings…

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