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The BDS movement and the logic of anti-Semitism

The BDS Movement’s core manifesto, written by its global co-founder and spokesman Omar Barghouti, is unequivicol in its vision: the euthanasia of the state of Israel. A ferocious campaign of de- legitimization has proceeded to indict Israel as a unique pariah among the nations of the earth. The campaign has called for the dismantling of Israel and a return of the West Bank occupied territory to full Palestinian control. It doesn’t stop there. Omar Barghouti’s manifesto, which is indispensable to BDS emissaries taking up the cause in North America and Europe, is the complete elimination of Israel’s existence. Such venom is remarkable, even by the standards of the hard left. To be sure, Barghouti stops short of calling for a new Holocaust.

He talks of a new Palestinian state where a Jewish minority would be granted civil and democratic rights. A more likely outcome is that (former) Israeli Jews would then find themselves in a Hamas-style dictatorship. If anyone has doubts, listen to BDS mastermind Omar Barghouti and the Palestinian Bar Association praising the actions of young Palestinians who are implicated in the wave of stabbings targeting Israeli civilians. These stabbings target men, women, tourists and military personnel in Israel. Omar Barghouti and the Palestinian Bar  Association would have prominent influence in any such state once their goal of Israel’s elimination is realized.

The BDS campaign is a  re-iteration of Marxist-Leninist doctrine. The core tenets of this totalitarian ideology state that those [who it defines] as an implacable enemy must be lapped down mercilessly. It rules out any possibility of compromise, of reconciliation or finding common ground. It denies the humanity of its adversary.

The neo-Leninist sympathizers who stoke racist sentiments against Israel do so in a global campaign that invites comparisons of Jews to white supremacist colonizers. They equate “settler” Jews with crimes committed against aboriginal peoples. They fail to mention that aboriginal peoples have never responded with suicide vests. They have moral standards.

The inflammatory language used by BDS activists revive familiar racist tropes. The Jewish “settlers” conspired with Europeans who were all too willing to steal a small sliver of Arab land from indigenous people, so we are told. It was all a lie that Jews were indigenous to the same land thousands of years ago, they claim. The Jews were “colonial settlers” bent on genocide and destruction, so the narrative explains. The Jews are worse than white racist European settlers who conspired to subjugate native people, BDS tells us. The Jews lived in the area now known as Israel thousands of years ago. Ryan Bellerose, a Canadian Metis indigenous activist, tells us why Jews are the indigenous people of Israel in this video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6k1gugifwA

Israel claimed its nationhood on May 14, 1948. Since then anti-Zionists have waged a relentlesscampaign of terrorism inside and outside Israel’s borders. In 1972 Palestinian terrorists stormed the athlete’s residence at the Munich Olympic Games, seizing and later massacring the entireIsraeli team. Earlier, in June 1968, a Palestinian anti-Zionist assassinated Robert F. Kennedy, the Democratic nominee presumptive for the US presidency.

Several government legislatures in the US and Canada are paying attention to the new anti-Semitism, and are taking measures to counter it. The legislatures of Illinois, Florida and the Canadian Parliament have passed resolutions against BDS, while the New York state legislature has a Bill pending.

In North America, university administrators are recognizing that a new anti-Semitism is emerging, with the complicity of some in academia. The BDS Israel bashers make a series of demands on campus. They dictate what action student unions and administrators must take, while expressing contempt for elected governments. They don’t care what elected  governments think, their supporters tell us. The BDS activists demand the right to free speech, while making counter-demands that universities sever ties with their Israeli colleagues. The BDS activists want to prove the complicity of Israeli universities in the alleged crimes of the Israeli government, so they claim. No human being has benefitted more from Israeli academic freedom than Omar Barghouti, the co-founder and global spokesman of the BDS campaign to eliminate the Jewish homeland created in 1948 by UN resolution.

More disturbing still is the fact that feminist groups are involved in this demonization campaign. South House on the Dalhousie campus has demonstrated its irrelevance to women; mature students; persons with disabilities and others by its association with the BDS campaign. South House, once the former Dal Women’s Centre, has become a risible self-appointee of all things “intersectional”, while never asking those about whom it theorizes if they consent to this identity policing.

Not a word has been raised about ISIS torture and widespread rape of women in Syria and Iraq by South House intersectional feminists. This leads us to conclude that South House feminists either rationalize or lack the guts to express solidarity with rape victims captured and tortured by ISIS. They are too preoccupied buying into the anti-Semitism of the hard left, while failing to grasp that the real oppressors of Palestinians just might be Hamas.


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