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Reply to Haiven and Zayid

Professor Larry Haiven of Saint Mary’s and retired Professor Zayid take aim at our article that appeared in the March 08 issue of the Gazette. (Letters, March 28) The professors are adept in the art of willful blindness. Larry Haiven suggests that a writer for Haaretz determined that anti-Semitism was not linked to BDS campaigns…

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More discourse, less defensiveness

  I’ve been resisting the urge to comment on the Israeli debate going on in the Gazette. I felt like jumping in would be political suicide (and so I remain anonymous), but the latest issue has been the last straw. The responses of Israeli apologists to statements made by organizations such as Students Against Israeli…

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RE: The neglect of etiquette

I was sincerely alarmed to read of the charges against myself and fellow student Mary MacDonald during the rebuttal to our article where we dissented and disagreed with theories put forth by Dr Amal Ghazal as presented in her lecture on “History of Zionism, and The Age of Colonialism.” Students against Israeli Apartheid characterized a…

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On Etiquette and the BDS Campaign on Campus

It’s a funny thing, some people’s sense of civility. The group Students Against Israeli Apartheid think it’s a lack of civility to challenge unsubstantiated statements about Israel. Perhaps they are touchy now that their movement Boycott Divest and Sanctions (BDS) has been condemned by the Parliament of Canada. We noted that the Students Against Israeli Apartheid at…

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BDS isn’t anti-Semetic

Mary MacDonald and Leah Aubrecht (Re: On the Neglect of Palestinian Suffering, Gazette March 11) drag out the same tired old shibboleths to disparage the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. It is widely accepted (except by Israel’s diehard supporters) that Israel conducts a brutal repression against the Palestinians, and that Israeli settlers conduct a reign…

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The BDS movement doesn’t speak for all Dal students

The Dalhousie Student Union is under no obligation to divest in response to the BDS Movement nor does the Students Against Israeli Apartheid speak on behalf of Dalhousie students. The hubris of this anti-Israel group is remarkable. By purporting to represent Dalhousie students, it issues demands that the DSU cave in to its ideological agenda. A disturbing escalation of anti-Israel rhetoric has…

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