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written by Dalhousie Gazette Staff
January 23, 2011 1:00 pm

Mina Atia, the Sex Collective

“Pegging.” Have you ever heard of it before? This sexy term describes the act of a woman penetrating a man with a strap-on. Yes, it is heterosexual! The term has been used to describe the Bend Over Boyfriend (B-O-B) series of sex education videos by the sex-toy business Good Vibrations located in San Francisco. The videos were also featured on the Daily Show, which makes them a big deal, kind of.

Why should men consider being penetrated with a dildo by women? Well, because the male G-spot—yes, men have G-spots too—is the prostate gland, and it is best reached through the anus due to their close proximity in anatomical distance. Anal stimulation through penetration allows for friction of the rectum wall adjacent to the prostate gland to massage the prostate area, which contains the ejaculatory ducts that transmit sperm from the ductus deferens into the male urethra during orgasm. Massaging the prostate increases the semen production and the volume of ejaculation leading to an intense orgasm. All of this is achievable by masturbating while being “pegged.”

Many of us are aware that gay men enjoy anal sex, and that prostate stimulation provides vibrant sensations towards climax. However, for some straight men, the idea of “taking one up the bum” seems too emasculating for them to actually experience this kind of bliss. Our society often tells straight gentlemen that their pride must come from being dominant in bed. So here is some “food for thought”: submission is not all about being passive. In a hot, consensual relationship, the sub holds a good share of control during sex. This applies especially when all the pleasure is happening at their “back door.” The fact that they are in control of the point of entry, of how much they take in, and at what pace should be a clear indication that they, too, possess a different form of power.

The argument of how painful the sexual act could get is one of the many other reasons why men retract when confronted by their female partners during arguments about pegging participation. With enough lubrication and relaxation, pain should not be involved. Instead, gently add pressure to the ring of nerves surrounding the anus, until you feel the sphincter open to welcome you in. Then, work slowly, allowing the pressure to gently hit the prostate area.

So why not slap on some more lube and ask your girlfriend to bend you over, or talk with your wife about how hot it would be if she wore a strap-on in bed? You never know what you might be missing.

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