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What I dig about you

Love at first spike. (David Munro photo)
Love at first spike. (David Munro photo)

How well do you know Alex?

What is Alex’s middle name?

Petra: “Christopher, even though he denies it.”

Does he have any nicknames?

P: “Dempsey, people call him.”

What is his favourite sports team?

P: “Oh, no.”
Alex: “I don’t talk about it much.”
P: “I don’t know.”
A: “Your dad likes them.”
P: “Toronto Maple Leafs?”

Who is his favourite athlete?

A: “I just put a name for this. It’s basketball. He’s injured.”
P: “Is it not who we were watching the dunks of last night?”
A: “No, no.”
P: “I don’t know.”
Alex’s answer: Derrick Rose. 

What is Alex’s best personal sports moment?

P: “Volleyball?”
A: “Mm-hmm.”
P: “Was it winning AUS last year?”
A: “Yeah, I put that, and provincials too.”
P: “High school?”
A: “Club. That’s good, though.”

What is his favourite book?

P: “Is it that one that’s coming out with a movie? I can’t think of what it’s called, but I know it’s about space and this guy that gets recruited…”
A: “She’s right.”
P: “But what’s it called?”
Alex’s answer: Ender’s Game.    

What is his favourite movie?

P: “Goodfellas.”
A: “Jeez. We’re doing a lot better than I thought we would.”

Favourite musician?

P: “Depending on what genre, I’m gonna go with Stan Rogers.”
A: “Nice.”
P: “Or gangster rap.”

Favourite song?

A: “I forget what I put already.”
Alex’s answer: “Jumper”
A: “Oh, ‘Jumper!’ I just played it like a hundred times.”
P: “We listened to it together during exam time.”
A: “It’s super old. I don’t even know how it came up. I was hoping you’d remember that one.”

What never fails to make Alex laugh?

P: “Hint?”
A: “Nope. It’s something you do.”
P: “When I tell stories and can’t finish because I’m laughing too hard?”

What does he complain about the most?

P: “What doesn’t he complain about the most? (laughs)”
A: “It’s volleyball-related.”
P: “Being hurt?”
A: “Mondays and Wednesdays.”
P: “Morning workouts or practice.”

What made Alex fall for you in the first place?

P: “My good looks? (laughs) Just kidding, I don’t know.”
A: “I would’ve put that. I put sense of humour, too.”

What is his dream job?

P: “To win the lottery (laughs).”
Alex’s answer: Pro athlete.

What’s the first thing he’d buy if he won the lottery today?

A: “This is a boring answer.”
P: “Is it a material possession?”
A: “Yeah, I guess so.”
P: “A car?”
A: “No. A house. It’s a house, right? That’s a boring answer.”

How well do you know Petra?

What city was Petra born in?

Alex: “Bridgetown? Middleton?”
Petra: “I was supposed to go to Middleton, but there was a complication, so I went to Kentville. But it was a good guess (laughs).”

When is her birthday?

A: “(Pause) October 8th.”
P: “So nerve-wracking!”

What is her favourite sports team?

A: “The team playing against whoever her dad is cheering for. Is that what you put?”
P: “I didn’t say my dad, I just said the opposite of whoever I’m watching the game with (laughs).”

Who is her favourite athlete?

A: “Oh, God. No idea.”
P: “I wrote Alex Dempsey.”

What is Petra’s best personal sports moment?

A: “52 points in a basketball game?”
P: “No, it was 55.”
A. “Not that one? Is it volleyball?”
P: “Yup.”
A: “Winning provincials.”

What is her favourite book?

A: “Twilight.
P: “I put that and another one.”
A: “Another one? The Lovely Bones.”
P: “Good job.”

What is her favourite movie?

A: “You have like 500 favourite movies.”
P: “We watched it together when I won a bet.”
A: “Oh. The Notebook.”

Favourite food?

A: “I should know this.”
P: “You can get it at the mall or a restaurant. We always get it when we go to the mall.”
A: “Pad Thai. I was gonna say that (laughs).”

How did you two meet?

A: “In meal hall. Is that what you put?”
P: “Yeah. But I put the time I remember you most is from Varsity Night when I drank out of your necklace. I poured beer into it and then I drank it.”

Where did you go on your first date?

A: “Was it Hamachi House? Was that the first date? Damn it.”
P: “That was one of the first ones. I put when we went for wings for your birthday.”
A: “That’s a good one. Should’ve thought of that.”

Where was your first kiss?

A: “The Lower Deck.”
P: “Embarrassing! So romantic (laughs).”

What made Petra fall for you in the first place?

A: “In meal hall one day, I was joking around about getting a tattoo. What did you put?”
P: “That’s what I put.”

How does Petra hope to spend Valentine’s Day?

A: “They’re gonna be away, so with her team.”
P: “I’ll be away at our AUS championships in Newfoundland, so via Skype?”

What’s the first thing she’d buy if she won the lottery today?

A: “A car?”
P: “Yup.”
A: “And something else?”
P: “And a lot of clothes.”
A: “A lot of clothes. I should’ve known that.”


Alex answered: 9/14 correctly (64.3%)

Petra answered: 8/13 correctly (61.5%)


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