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What’s next? 100 Days to “strategic direction”

The 100 Days report has come and gone and already Dalhousie president Richard Florizone is back to work. He’s going to be busy in the first half of 2014, creating a budget and a strategic plan to guide the university over the next several years. By looking at the 100 Days report and the university’s…

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Q&A with Dalhousie’s new president

Dalhousie Alumni Association president Barrie Black, left, with Richard Florizone at the 2013 homecoming football game. (Photo by Chris Parent via Dal News)

Richard Florizone has settled into his office. After pleasantries have been exchanged, he asks about the weather. In only a few days it’s gone from a blizzard to rain and melting snow. Halifax weather, we shrug. Dalhousie’s 11th president has become acclimatized to wacky Maritime weather—similar to how he has familiarized himself with his new…

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100 Days of Listening

If you missed it over the summer (as many students did) contribute your thoughts to the campaign. (photo by Bryn Karcha)

When I first heard about the 100 Days of Listening initiative through the Dal News bulletin, my initial reaction was intrigue. It’s a catchy title for the campaign launched by the university’s new president, Dr. Richard Florizone. Pitched as a bid to gather input from all members of the Dalhousie community, it strikes me as…

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