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Sam Roberts Band in Halifax

Before the technicians finished setting the stage on Friday night, a chant broke out for Sam Roberts, though there wasn’t even a hint that the band was ready to emerge yet. When the Sam Roberts Band did take the stage, they launched with a dreamy starter to build up excitement, with neat crisscrossing light fixtures…

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Tunes Review: Coyote

Matt Mays’ new album Coyote is well worth the wait. With Mays taking on sole production duties for the first time, listeners are treated to his most introspective and experimental record since 2006’s When the Angels Make Contact. Crafted over four years and nearly as many continents, the album is diverse, touching on genres from…

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Stars find true North

It’s been two years since the last full-length album from Canadian electro-pop powerhouse Stars, but it feels like it’s been a sprawling, star-scrawled eternity. After 2010’s melodramatic The Five Ghosts, Stars’ latest LP The North is a refreshing step back into sincerity and soliloquy. Domineering the album is well-washed nostalgia and cynicism, something that was…

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