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The stupidity of the 2%

Editor’s note: Matt Stickland is a retired Officer of the Royal Canadian Navy.   There have been a lot of crazy policies coming out of the United States in recent months. Like, tearing families apart, losing trade wars and throwing hissy fits in the direction of the NFL. For this foreign policy nerd Trump’s most…

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Youth political parties on campus try to thrive

Benjamin Mowat has been a student at both the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University for two years, but he’s no stranger to politics. As soon as he graduated from high school, he began work on Olivia Chow’s campaign for mayor of Toronto, where he lived at the time. “And that was an incredibly…

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A Trump in the North?

Immediately after the shock of Donald Trump’s presidency win wore off in November, Canadians started asking themselves: “could this happen here?” For many, the answer is yes. Yes, it could. And it’s not a “could,” it’s a “when.” When questioned, most Canadian university students will vehemently deny the possibility of a Trump winning in Canada.…

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What are these Paradise Papers? 

It’s getting hard to write opinion pieces about politics without choking on impotent rage. The razzle dazzle public relations world that we are being sold isn’t jiving with what our lives look like.   Politicians treat each other in ways that weren’t acceptable for me to treat my brother when we were six years old. Instead of…

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Real Talk: Endorsing ‘good’ politicians

Politics used to be smart. Watching the 1968 Canadian leaders debate, it is very easy to feel dumb. “A democracy is an exchange of ideas between those that govern and those that are governed,” is one of the very first lines of the debate. Each candidate talks about issues and policies in depth. They all…

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