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Triple A vs. Jubilee Junction

Corner shops are the backbone of any good neighbourhood. They embody the beauty of the local.   Halifax prides itself on local excellence – Triple A Convenience and Pizzeria, and Jubilee Junction Convenience Store being perfect examples. The rival shops are located at the corners of Preston Street and Jubilee Road.  Convenience is their biggest product: the corners of…

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Cheap(er) eats

  The Coast released its Cheap Eats issue this past week. As a big fan of eating and a longtime impoverished student, I’m always keen to learn about new ways to stuff my face in public that don’t end with the phrase “okay guys, on the count of three…” The Coast’s feature thus had my…

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Make Money, Bake Bread

Baking bread is easy. This basic bread recipe takes 10 minutes of actual work. The rest of the time is spent waiting for the bread to rise or bake in the oven. A loaf of bread costs $3.50 or more to buy. Making this recipe costs about $1, a savings of $2.50. 6 loaves of…

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How to deal: too many chicks

Stocks are like culinary building blocks. Soups, stews, gravies, sauces, rice, polenta, beans, and vegetables can all be cooked in stock for enhanced flavour and nutrition. Stocks capture nutrition that would otherwise be wasted and produce useful by-products, such as meat and fat. In this recipe, I produce white chicken stock and use the leftover…

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Is it more expensive to eat local?

It is often remarked by critics that eating local is nice, but too expensive for most people to enjoy. It is even portrayed as elitist, an indulgence limited for the select few. Is local produce more expensive than the conventional large-scale multinational alternative? No. Indeed, the opposite is true. My investigation reveals that local produce…

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