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Triple A vs. Jubilee Junction

Corner shops are the backbone of any good neighbourhood. They embody the beauty of the local.  

Halifax prides itself on local excellence – Triple A Convenience and Pizzeria, and Jubilee Junction Convenience Store being perfect examples. The rival shops are located at the corners of Preston Street and Jubilee Road. 

Convenience is their biggest product: the corners of each shop are filled with everything you could possibly need. Pizza, ice cream sandwiches, tampons and multi-purpose cleaner – they’ve got it. These two establishments are a staple for Haligonian students, from middle-school to graduate degree.  

Each shop delivers when it comes to service, but who does it best? 


 Pizza, ice cream, chips – OH MY! 

What makes a good pizza?  

Answers may vary according to toppings, but generous cheese, large slices and low-cost are universally accepted. According to this metric, Triple A and Jubilee Junction make good pizza – cheap and piping hot. Halifax is a student hub and we love our pizza.  

At five bucks a slice, Triple A delivers.  

Jubilee Junction offers the same slice (though with less variety) for $3. They’re renowned for their pizza as well as their ice-cream. Soft serve ice cream, regular ice cream and Hali-famous homemade ice cream sandwiches all in a myriad of flavours. It may almost be overwhelming having such choice, but the owners are friendly and patient, giving you time to choose between the classic and the colourful.  

So the shops have an impressive spread of ice cream, freshly baked desserts and popcorn decorate the corner shops; from salads to subs to chocolate chip cookies, they have it all. 

Both these places can ensure you don’t go hungry – but which makes your taste buds go happy? Despite the cheaper price, Jubilee Junction’s slice doesn’t measure up. Triple A’s may cost a toonie more, but the hot cheese, generous portion and yummy toppings make it the better of the two.  

Triple A wins with its slices, but Jubilee makes better pizzas to order. Jubilee also offers a better deal: you can get large three-topping pizza for $9.99 year-round. They also tend to be more generous with toppings. Triple A does large pizza for $9.99, but the number of toppings changes.


The cheaper the berry, the sweeter the juice 

If there’s anything students love more than pizza, it’s low prices.  

So which corner store is cheaper? Triple A is by no means high-end shopping, but they do charge higher prices for the same items you can get at Jubilee. For anyone looking to save, Jubilee Junction is the place. With its $3 pizza slices and basic food items (pasta, sauce, juice and ramen) at low prices, it’s one of the best places to shop on a budget. Rather than rushing to Walmart or Sobeys, students could get their basics at a better price – while also supporting local businesses.   


The overall experience 

Corner shops are jungles of convenience, organisation of less importance. You can find nearly anything in them, even if you have to wipe some dust off a bag of M&M’s.  

In terms of organization, Jubilee Junction is easier to navigate. The cramped Triple A has more shelves than walking space and there’s never any space to queue up properly.  

Each shop has gone the extra mile to market to their clientele. Both provide free ice cream (using report cards in lieu of money) to students on the final day of school. Student discounts and special deals – they offer a paradise for the average student. Triple A goes the extra mile by providing DalCard access, clever advertising (Gatorade as hangover cures) and a delivery service that offers snacks with your pizza.  

Both shops open late and offer cheap junk food, making either the perfect stop after a night out.  

In terms of ambiance, Triple A is the clear winner. It’s an overall more inviting space, with two benches and tables for customers to “eat in” as opposed to the solitary benches at Jubilee Junction. Triple A gives off the vibes of a small cafe, strategically placing its kitchen at the entrance allowing customers to smell the food before they even walk in.  

Whereas Jubilee feels like a true corner shop – one where you buy and leave, nothing particularly enticing you to remain.  

It’s impossible to pick a winner. Both value and provide for their consumers. From cheaper products at Jubilee’s to delicious pizza at Triple A’s, the consumer receives excellent service.  

So, who’s better? It can’t really be said. Either way, we win.

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