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Referendums 2013

This election season, a whopping six societies—including the student union itself—are putting forth referenda to try to raise the amount of money they get from students. Here is what you need to know about each question, the society, and what they plan to do with their money. Note: each of the official questions includes “Whereas…”…

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101 Different Voices

I was driving home last Wednesday in serious need of good tunes. I didn’t have any CDs, and all the usual radio stations were uninspiring. So I tuned into 88.1 CKDU, Halifax’s only community campus station. Last time I listened to CKDU they played Bollywood music and had a gentleman read people’s futures. This time,…

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Life as a radio host

Zack Shave is a volunteer at CKDU. Photo by Angela Gzowski

A behind the scenes look into community radio Do you like Nickleback? Britney Spears? The Spice Girls? What else do young people listen to these days—Ricky Martin? If so, CKDU, and community radio in general, are not for you. But if you’re tired of hearing the same songs over and over (there’s only so much…

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By Hilary Beaumont, Copy Editor Radio reporter Asaf Rashid believes a community member without a voice in the local media is like a journalist stripped of free speech. So last June when his co-worker proposed a new publication to expose racism in Halifax, Rashid didn’t hesitate to help. Called Racism in Perspective, the new magazine funded by…

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The Last Supper

By Dalhousie Gazette Staff For more than six years Mat Dunlap and Dave Ewenson – co-founders of local record label Just Friends – have invited you into their kitchen, and you’ve invited them into yours. Let’s Get Baked, the cooking show that welcomes you musicians, and hilarity into Dunlap’s Allan Street apartment has been a…

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