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Vice President Internal: Alex Hughes

Name: Alex Hughes Hometown: Victoria, BC Major, Year: I am in the second year of a double major in International Development and Gender and Women’s Studies.   Why do you want this position? In coming to Dalhousie, I had never experienced such a fearless, fiercely passionate group of young people who were unapologetic in their…

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That three letter word: The sex inside your head

Sweeping generalization: most people think about sex at least some of the time. (Those half-a-dozen people in front of you in line for coffee? Pretty sure at least one of them has sex on the brain.) If and when people think about sex, this can consist of almost anything—the awesome sack-session they had last night,…

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That three-letter word: The basics of bondage

that three letter word tackles bondage (photo by Mel Hattie)

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, bondage refers to the practice of restraining someone or being restrained for sexual gratification. The means vary, but the end remains the same: dominating or being dominated by your partner. This is an activity that should be practiced with someone you fully trust, and (of course) only if you’re…

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Open relationships get more action

By Niko Bell, The Sex Collective   What if I told you that you could prevent anyone from ever cheating on you? What if through one simple action you could make your relationship one hundred per cent bulletproof to infidelity? Well, you can. All you have to do is permit it. And an open relationship can…

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