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Garden state alert

Where did all my plants go? (Bryn Karcha photo)

Recently in the Dalhousie community, there have been reports of individuals robbing the Dal community garden. The garden is located on Henry Street behind the Computer Science building, and was officially opened last year. This is the first time that there has been an issue in the community garden. I know what your thinking: who…

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Gotta watch ‘em all

Why pay for expensive cable options when you can download for free? (Chris Parent photo)

Online movies are fast, convenient, free—and illegal.  Having been back to school for a little less than three weeks, I’ve noticed a growing tendency to download movies instead of buying them, which I find shocking in its casual acceptability. It’s become the norm for many students I’ve spoken to, and that irks the hell out…

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Megaupload goes bust

Hollywood producers love reminiscing about the days when people actually had to buy their product. In that sense, they are basically like old-school journalists with better suits. But while journalists cope by complaining about their fleeting jobs, people in the movie industry might have something going for them. An increasingly involved government—of which the Jan.…

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Vandalism leaves King’s Chapel in the dust

Chapel. By Jesse Blackwood

The Chapel remains empty until week-long cleanup is finished Vandalism that occurred at the King’s Chapel Oct. 3 (see here) has not stopped the Chapel’s congregation from worshipping together. Until the Chapel is open again, services are being held in a blue tent outside the Chapel, and in The Pit, the King’s theatre. As the…

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News Briefs

Samantha Ostrov Staff Contributor   Government House honours segregation activist A portrait of entrepreneur and civil rights icon Viola Desmond was unveiled in Nova Scotia’s Government House in Halifax this past week. In 1946, Desmond defied racial segregation in Nova Scotia by sitting in the ‘whites only’ section of the Roseland Theatre in New Glasgow.…

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