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Students protest Peter MacKinnon

In this image: MacKinnon speaks while the student protesters silently hold their signs.

Peter MacKinnon hasn’t been on Dalhousie University campus for long, but controversy is already stirring. On Jan. 21, Dalhousie’s new interim president arrived at the Arts Centre, for his Studley campus welcome event. A group of silent protesters was waiting for him with a list of demands for the school, the first being MacKinnon’s immediate removal.   The protests…

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What’s been going on at Dal??

racism, Masuma Khan

Editor’s Note: Words are used to communicate specific ideas; a word is only useful to the extent that it‘s common meaning is understood by each person. In modern discourse, racism and racist are used to communicate a number of related but decidedly distinct ideas, so they‘ve become inefficient, if not totally counter-productive. Systemic racism or…

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Dalhousie withdraws formal complaint against DSU Vice-President

On behalf of Dalhousie University, Vice-Provost Student Affairs Arig al-Shaibah released a statement this afternoon announcing their decision to withdraw the formal complaint against one of the Dalhousie University Student Union Vice-President’s, Masuma Khan. For “three critical reasons,” al-Shaibah says the Dal Senate supports the decision after “having considered and weighed all of the events…

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