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Editors of Gazette past

The Dalhousie Gazette is the oldest, longest-running university publication in North America. It’s seen 150 years of news at Dalhousie University. The watchdog of the Dalhousie Student Union and school administration. A voice for the students.   150 years of coverage means there are two histories: the history that the Gazette chronicled and the history of…

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Art Talk: Reality show draws in Artists with unique canvas’

Painting a naked body; sounds ludicrous, right? Wrong. It’s actually a beautiful and challenging artform. The Game Show Network has a television series called Skin Wars that’s now available on Netflix. It’s like a typical competition reality show, but instead of singing or dancing, contestants paint a naked model. Each episode contains two challenges: the…

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First Contributor Meeting


Come and see what the Gazette’s all about at our first contributor meeting! You can talk to our editors, sign up for stories or pitch your own. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! PS We don’t JUST do writing – you can come to do photography, video, illustrations, graphics, creative, or whatever other skills you may have or…

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Decade in review

  This week’s Gazette is the final issue of the 2015-2016 school year. This is the time of the year when outgoing editors are supposed to reflect on their tenure with the paper. This is kind of a big moment for me—the end of an era. I’ve been an editor for the last two years…

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From the Archives: Politicians as Gazette Contributors

Election day inches ever closer. Last week, we looked at political visitors to our campus over the years. This week we’re continuing with the political theme. You might not have realized it, but a number of very famous and successful Canadian politicians were Gazette staff members during their student years. This tradition extends at least…

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Insurance problems

The Gazette was without insurance until near the end of 2012 (Chris Parent photo)

  As a teaching facility for new journalists, student papers often provide an easy target for lawsuits. But unlike every other major news organization in the country, most student papers don’t have insurance. With more lawyers signing pay-if-you-win contracts that can encourage more lawsuits, campus papers have a new reason to protect themselves. Sam Brooks,…

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