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Tips to survive exam season 

Here’s the funny thing about me writing an article about how to prep for exams: I’ve haven’t got a clue.   Knowing this about myself, I’ve consulted many experts on the topic in preparation for round one with university exams, and I’d like to share some of the advice I received with you guys.   Location, location, location  The key to…

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Road to joy

roadtojoy - comfort movies. Graphic by Zoe Doucette.

There are times in life which call for direct action and goal-setting. Then, there are times in life which call for yoga pants, carbohydrates, whiskey, and uncontrollable sobbing interspersed with hyper-ventilation. We’re talking times when you’re knee deep in some serious existential shit, when you don’t even have the energy to crack open your copy…

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