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Why investigative journalism still matters

A group of award-winning journalists shared their cloak-and-dagger investigative tales at the 10th annual Joseph Howe Symposium. The Coast’s Tim Bousquet talked about how he took down Halifax’s former mayor. “The world is not as pretty as it’s made out to be,” says Bousquet to a crowd of mostly young journalism students. “Cultivate a cynicism.”…

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I won’t make you pay to read this

The spread of paywalls will push those looking for news to other sources. (Adele van Wyk photo)

A friend recently questioned my disinterested suspicion of this new attempt to fund traditional news sources. He asked, wryly, whether it may simply be arising from my sulky anger over The Globe and Mail’s recent establishment of a paywall. In short, yes. It does. But the extreme subjectivity of my position (aside from being part of the…

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