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Horror movie-but-not: Mother!

Whispers of “what did I just watch?” escape the mouths of viewers leaving and commenting on Darren Aronofsky’s newest film Mother!.  This isn’t to say the film is deemed “bad” by its viewership, but rather that Mother! screams for deeper attention than your average thriller. Throughout the film you find yourself asking so many questions…

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“It” draws you in just to freak you out

Classically, clowns are around to make you laugh – this is not the case in the film  It. The killer clown  Pennywise  is a shape shifter  whose personal  favourite  form is a tall, balding, sharpen toothed grinning clown.  His food preference: children. Surprisingly, this horrifying enigmatic creature is not the  centre  of the film. It  focuses on the…

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Fallen Matthews

Hometown: Toronto, ON Major: Masters in gender studies, with a focus on cinema and black masculinity Proudest achievement to date: Being where I am in such a short time because I started Dal in 2009, and then I graduated with my bachelors in October convocation of 2012. Then I taught English abroad in Korea because I wanted to…

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Hollywood horror lost in the dark

  Horror movies grew out of the rubble of post-war Germany like a psilocybin mushroom sprouting from the front lawn of a cop station. Something unexpected in the face of imperial violence. Nosferatu (1922), the first screen vampire, stalked black and white footage like a silent apparition—the shadow of wartime angst—awkwardly carting his grotesquely curled hands…

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Why vampires should never, ever be blood-sucking fairies

Be wary of vampires. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Like many fans of fiction, I have occasionally encountered the trope of the vampire in all its glory and shame. Seeing as Halloween is fast approaching, it’ll be more likely to be the latter than the former. The vampire, a long-time former figure of terror inspired by the fears of society, has degenerated into an…

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An introduction to feminist horror

Painting of Judith mit dem Haupt des Holofernes by Lucas Cranach the Elder. (Image taken from Wikimedia Commons)

Zoe Doucette If you grow up as a girl, you are taught to fear from a young age. Fear becomes one of your best friends, because it is with you all the time, even when you’re not aware of it. Your body is objectified and reviled by your culture. You are taught not to display…

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Flicks Month of Blood: Week One

Film Logo

Zoe: October is Flicks’ MONTH OF BLOOD: Flicks will be exploring all things spooky and depraved with special horror-themed columns through the month of October, from apparitions to zombies. Here are four skin-crawling web-based videos to get you in the mood for terror.  The Short Film: I LOVE SARAH JANE (2009) A young Mia Wasikowska…

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