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Canada grows, while NS stagnates

The population of Canada has been steadily growing, but this isn’t the case for Atlantic Canada. In the past 25 years, Canada’s population has grown over 25 per cent while Nova Scotia sits at merely 3 per cent.  Immigrants are critical for Nova Scotia to turn around its economy.   The provincial government has taken serious efforts to increase…

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A long-awaited party

Chaudhry family: a part of the community. Photo by Katrina Pyne

The Chaudhrys celebrate their eligibility for Canadian citizenship The hall of St. Andrew’s United Church was overtaken by the smell of cumin and tumeric. A long table laden with every Pakistani dish imaginable stretched across the room. Students, friends and family filled their plates and sought out the special guests, the Chaudhry family, who floated…

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Local family no longer faces deportation

Photo by Sébastien Labelle from

Chaudhry family gains citizenship after eight year long battle   Fakhira and Chaudhry Roouf have lived in Halifax for the last eight years with their three children. They have a dream of opening a Halal Pakistani restaurant in the city someday. But for the last eight years the Chaudhry’s have been living with a label…

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Worst of Halifax: Unwanted guests

Pier 21 a playground for Kenney’s racist hypocrisy Jane Kirby, Opinions Contributor   On January 20, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney unveiled The Wheel of Conscience monument at Pier 21. The monument commemorates the Canadian government’s refusal to allow over 900 Jewish refugees on board the M.S. St. Louis to enter the country…

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Park51 debate

David Bush, Opinions Contributor   This September 11 will mark the ninth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre and The Pentagon. Unfortunately, instead of remembering the dead, and reflecting on the impact of 9/11, we in North America will be privy to a disgusting display of xenophobia that will pass for public discourse.…

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New immigrants leaving Nova Scotia

By Joshua Brown, Staff Contributor Atlantic Canada has more recent immigrants leaving than any other of region of Canada. Academics in the Dalhousie department of sociology and anthropology are trying to figure out why. Dr. Howard Ramos of the department of sociology and social anthropology at Dalhousie says greater access to regional data is needed to…

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From Nigeria to Dal

Oluronke Taiwo says she knows only too well the sting of racism. The successes in her career in medical microbiology in Nigeria, where she taught and published at the University of Lagos, didn’t go far when she moved to Canada in 1998. “I knew the racism that I went through,” she says. “After having a…

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The lost demographic

Fadi Hamdan has come a long way from Jordan. Only three years after arriving in Canada, the 20-year-old is now a youth worker at the local YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs. But his accomplishments did not come without trial. “When I came here, I really needed someone to help show me around and help me…

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