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Indigenous veterans never remembered  

With Remembrance Day approaching, many Canadians are setting aside time to pay their respects to our country’s veterans – writing a short story, visiting a monument or cemetery, or even just posting photos of their great-grandpa who fought in World War I on Instagram.   What many people forget though: thousands of Indigenous Canadians fought alongside the soldiers we see…

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Calling All Allies

Remember Kinder Morgan? Standing Rock? These are fossil fuel projects implemented by governments with little regard for community interests and treaties these projects impact. Nova Scotia has its own energy project with the same issues. The Alton Natural Gas Storage project has been in the works for almost a decade, yet a lack of consultation…

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Decolonizing the media

As journalists, we hold a responsibility to change the way we approach and report on Indigenous affairs, and decolonize the media. This is what the 12th annual Joseph Howe Symposium sought to learn more about. The University of King’s College presented the Jan. 14 Symposium to further the Truth and Reconciliation Committee’s Call to Action #86,…

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