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Ecojustice for Halifax

James Gunvaldsen Klaassen, Sarah McDonald and Genevieve Rondeau.

Meet Ecojustice – Halifax’s newest legal advocates. Who do they advocate for? Planet Earth.   Funded solely by donors, Ecojustice is Canada’s largest environmental law charity. Environmental law is a branch of law that regulates activities with the potential to impact the environment. Whether that means fighting for endangered species protection or challenging harmful government decisions, environmental law covers it all.  Free…

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Kym Sweeny

Hometown: Yarmouth County, NS Major: Law Kym Sweeny has been described as a “badass mom and law student” who advocates for students around issues of gender and sexualized violence. She has been integral to the creation of the DSU Sexual Assault & Harassment Phone Line, as well as the creation of the Student Advocacy Society.…

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Megaupload goes bust

Hollywood producers love reminiscing about the days when people actually had to buy their product. In that sense, they are basically like old-school journalists with better suits. But while journalists cope by complaining about their fleeting jobs, people in the movie industry might have something going for them. An increasingly involved government—of which the Jan.…

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Stop stealing my stuff

The future of the internet Leilani Graham-Laidlaw, Current Affairs Columnist   Have you heard the howls? Online, that is. Every corner of the internet that cares about copyright infringement has been calling for a pound of flesh from a tiny little magazine called Cooks Source (sic). It’s run by a woman named Janice Griggs who…

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You won’t own that Mac!

How Bill C-32 stifles responsible product ownership Hayley Gray, Staff Contributor   The federal Conservatives want to lock up your devices so that even after you pay for them, they are still owned by corporations. I understand why it’s sometimes hard to care about copyright law. Nobody is directly suffering abuse or death. We’re not…

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Sex workers deserve safety

By Leilani Graham-Laidlaw, Current Affairs Columnist   Stephen Harper’s got a prostitute problem on his hands. Unfortunately for Ignatieff, it’s not some scandal he’s been caught in. No, the problem is that they’re demanding rights. On Sept. 28, three women who advocate the decriminalization of prostitution successfully challenged several sections of the Criminal Code relating…

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Cops target homeless without legal justification

By Patricia Vasquez, The Concordian (Concordia University) MONTREAL (CUP) – The Quebec Human Rights Commission has declared Montreal’s homeless victims of social profiling. The commission has released a report, including 14 recommendations, urging the city to amend two of its bylaws and suggesting its police force restructure its “rigid” standards, which infringe on the province’s Charter…

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Public only by name

It may come as a surprise to hear that Dalhousie University is public in name only. As Angela Potvin, a member of the Social Activist Law Student Association, put it, “as a property they are the same as a mall.” But wait – aren’t malls the exact opposite of public spaces? In malls, security guards…

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