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Horror movie-but-not: Mother!

Whispers of “what did I just watch?” escape the mouths of viewers leaving and commenting on Darren Aronofsky’s newest film Mother!.  This isn’t to say the film is deemed “bad” by its viewership, but rather that Mother! screams for deeper attention than your average thriller. Throughout the film you find yourself asking so many questions…

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Blonde Bombshell: Why Atomic Blonde Blew Me Away

Despite being a fan of Marvel, and a huge supporter of Wonder Woman, the film I anticipated watching the most over the summer was Atomic Blonde. I saw it twice. I can’t quite put my finger on why. Was it because the trailer was beautifully done; using musical cues more effectively than some entire films?…

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A story about a movie about a story

    When I was a kid we’d tramp on over to my grandparent’s place every Sunday to watch Road to Avonlea—a tradition as cheesy as the programme itself, I know. Sometimes we’d stay late to watch the Disney movie after but usually I’d be asleep by then, thumb in mouth, dreams of P.E.I. and…

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