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Referendums 2013

This election season, a whopping six societies—including the student union itself—are putting forth referenda to try to raise the amount of money they get from students. Here is what you need to know about each question, the society, and what they plan to do with their money. Note: each of the official questions includes “Whereas…”…

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UPDATED: King’s Board of Governors defies students, approve new fee

In a few years the Dalplex will not be the only place on campus to work out. (Ian Froese photo)

UPDATE [Nov. 29, 8:20 p.m.]: The University of King’s College board of governors voted Thursday in favour of implementing a new athletics fee, reported the King’s Student Union on Twitter. The decision was made despite 70 per cent of voting students opposing the new charge. The yearly $180 fee per student will be put into effect…

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Referendum revelations

Five Dalhousie University groups are asking for an increase in levy fees for next year. Full and part-time students pay these levies at the beginning of each semester—that makes every fee-paying student a member of the group, with the ability to vote on fee increases at the same time you vote for executives of the…

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