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A Noble hero

In this image: Art Noble and his granddaughter covered in mud in a hole.

Obstacle races, a sport that has gained considerable popularity in the past few years, are made for a special kind of person. The Mud Hero is no different. Over either six or 10 kilometres, participants must overcome a variety of obstacles, including crossing lagoons, navigating slack lines suspended over a water pit and carrying heavy bags…

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Colleen Wilson leads the way for Dalhousie

If you had asked Colleen Wilson several years ago if she expected to be leading the pack around cross country courses all over Atlantic Canada at university meets, she wouldn’t have known how to respond. The Dalhousie Tiger phenom raced at a provincial level in high school, but says the emphasis at the time was…

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Why Aren’t You Playing: Dustforce

I am a cleaning ninja. Running full tilt, I launch off a ledge, over a pit, flip through the air and with a slash of my broom I brush through a woodland creature controlled by the dust that clings to it; with the momentum of the slash, I just barely gain enough speed to fly…

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Tiger Toning

“I know the running season is coming up and I want to set a goal of running a race and using that as a basis for getting into a training regime. Where should I start?” –Run Claudia Run Let’s be frank for a moment: running a major race isn’t easy. They can be very intimidating,…

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Ryer is made for running

Ashley Ryer. Photo by Pau Balite

Women’s cross-country captain seeks CIS acclaim Ashley Ryer had her first race in eighth grade. “I just did it for fun, but I started to get more competitive in my grade 12 year and it went from there,” she says. “Once you get in that environment, it’s addicting. You start to love it and it’s…

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Tiger Toning: Running pains for rookies

Tiger Toning.

“I went for my first run yesterday and now I can barely walk. I feel like my calves are going to fall off. Does this mean I am not built to be a runner?” – Victoria Jones, MA History   Brace yourself, Victoria. I have some earth-shattering news for you: You are normal! In fact,…

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Runners remember Heather Saaltink

By Zack Wilson, Staff Contributor This past weekend, Halifax and Cornwall, Ontario played host to the first annual Heather Saaltink Memorial Runs. The charity events – in which dozens of Dalhousie students took part – were organized to raise funds for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). MADD is a nonprofit organization created by Candice Lightner in…

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