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Re-Defining the Valentine

Valentine’s Day seems to be fast losing its traditional essence of splurging on your significant other. “It’s more about spending time with each other,” Shayna Greenough says, “I don’t care about a gift. I’d rather get a cute note and a kiss.” This is a common theme among my peers, as I ask each of my friends…

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The sensation of sexting

People are linking their sexuality to their phones. That’s the future. We’re becoming more and more involved in technology in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Digital dirty talk is so accessible and instant that getting turned on via instant messages can be part of everyday sexual prowess. “Sexting is typically defined as the transmission of sexually explicit messages, images, or photos via…

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Sharing is caring

Valentine’s Day is to relationships like relationships are to couples. Not related. People both in and out of relationships participate in Valentine’s Day shenanigans; and people both participate in relationships that are exclusive to two partners and relationships that aren’t. Most polyamorous people say when they express their relationship to those unfamiliar with the dynamic, it’s usually answered with thoughts like threesomes, commitment issues, and unhappiness. Then followed up with…

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That three-letter word: Year in review

Writing about sex often comes with its own set of challenges. Go ahead—try and find a fresh angle on something Cosmo’s already beaten to death (twice). How OK is it to use the word ‘fuck’? Is that anecdote TMI? Will this make my editors blush? Sex columns are hard, but that’s not a complaint. Throughout…

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Most Eligible Tigers

Everyone wants to find someone, so here at the Gazette we thought we would help all the singles out there find that special someone in time for Valentine’s Day. After a meticulously scientific and highly analytical search, we narrowed down the nominated singles to our top choices. All of the bachelors and bachelorettes are varsity…

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Selling sex in China

Much like in Canada, the debate between prohibition and regulation is lacking Niko Bell, Staff Contributor   When I was asked to write about prostitution for the sex and love issue, at first I thought I would have nothing to say. We all know that it is illegal or practically illegal in much of the…

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