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Smoking ban? Not a fan

Smoke is in the air.  But as the official legalization of recreational marijuana approaches, so is an all too convenient public smoking ban in the city of Halifax.  The proposed bylaw prohibits smoking on all municipal property, recreational areas, sidewalks and streets. Restrictions include vaping, tobacco and cannabis. A violation of the bylaw could result in a maximum $2000 fine,…

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Dear Rob Ford

Dear Mayor Ford, I’m going to be honest: you messed up here, big time. I think one of the biggest things that you forgot is that you are not Lindsay Lohan, and you can’t go onto SNL after smoking up and make fun of yourself. You ran for the mayorship of one of the largest…

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Why we really smoke

By Jacqueline Vincent, Health Columnist   Despite the many ways it finds to stand up to abuses, the human body is a fragile thing. Oncogenes activate and turn off our cells’ ability to die, leading to cancer; blood vessels burst or slow to a trickle in heart disease; our life-support system begins to deteriorate and…

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