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Expanding on the arts

Jacqueline Warwick feels the expansion of the Dalhousie Arts Centre will put the university “in line with other music schools.”  Warwick is the director of the Fountain School of Performing Arts, which formed in 2014 when Dalhousie University’s music and theatre departments merged. Construction has now begun to improve the 50-year-old Arts Centre, which will eventually be equipped with a new three-storey…

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Dropping the debt

Tuition debt is a problem. Will eradicating interest from student loans help? (photo by Adelevan Wyk)

The provincial campaigning begins to bustle and election platforms rise like skyscrapers on plans and promises. Like everyone else who cares enough about the issues this early to have formulated opinions, I’ve been wandering around these political construction sites and kicking the supports to see how solid they are. A prime example of a controversial…

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