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On the small screen

The title says it all: it’s a film festival where everything has been shot on a smartphone. That means “that your film must be shot on any brand of smartphone or tablet, meaning no footage from DSLRs, camcorders, GoPros, point-and-shoot cameras or that sort of not-a-smartphone thing,” as the rules of the contest state. Other…

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Cheap(er) eats

  The Coast released its Cheap Eats issue this past week. As a big fan of eating and a longtime impoverished student, I’m always keen to learn about new ways to stuff my face in public that don’t end with the phrase “okay guys, on the count of three…” The Coast’s feature thus had my…

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Why investigative journalism still matters

A group of award-winning journalists shared their cloak-and-dagger investigative tales at the 10th annual Joseph Howe Symposium. The Coast’s Tim Bousquet talked about how he took down Halifax’s former mayor. “The world is not as pretty as it’s made out to be,” says Bousquet to a crowd of mostly young journalism students. “Cultivate a cynicism.”…

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Savage Love! Live!

Dan Savage is not one to blush when speaking about ejaculate before a crowd of 200. Rather, he carries on in the same direct way that makes his writing so poignant and informative. He is a man committed to change and truth in a very sex-negative world. Savage was in town Oct. 3 to make…

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