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Are eSports really sports?

In this image: hands holding a white Xbox controller.

eSports generated 655 million globally in 2017. By 2020, eSports are expected to generate almost 1.5 billion, quadrupling its present value.   Surging interest has led to sponsored tournaments, arenas and opportunities to compete on a grand stage.   Some universities across the United States are trying out giving eSports scholarships, amounting to $9 million. A few Canadian institutions have followed in suit.  Emerging leagues, competitions and awards encourage video games in the…

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Sexism in gaming

We’re all familiar with the age-old concept of ‘damsel in distress’ and living in a society where girls are portrayed as princess’ while men are here to save us. Men dominate the online gaming world with two thirds of gamers identifying as male; there is the other third, the population who identify as female.  Sadly, in the gaming culture that has been created,…

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Female characters deserve better

It makes sense for male and female clothing to be fitted differently. There are inherent physical differences that make it so that clothing should be made to be practical and comfortable for either sex. So, from a fit perspective, it makes sense that there should be some differences between men’s’ and women’s’ clothing.  It often seems that these differences,…

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The casual sexism of nerdy men

Growing up as a nerdy boy heavily influenced by video games and space operas meant that there was very little avoiding indoctrination into casual sexism.  Other articles in this issue cover the nuts and bolts of the issue. Needlessly skimpy and sexy armour. Heroes rescuing princesses’ (or other female characters.) While these things lay the ground…

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Why aren’t you playing: Game Dev Tycoon

Much better than your mother's basement. (Press image)

I’ve never come across a greater love letter to gaming than Game Dev Tycoon, by Greenheart Games. Starting out in your garage, you are tasked with creating video games. Your journey begins in the early days of gaming on the PC and Commodore 64, and stretches into the present day. As time passes, new technologies…

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Buy this game: for glorious nation of Arstotzka!

Papers Please title screen

In the Orwellian indie game Papers, Please (for PC and Mac) you play as a border agent tasked with rooting out terrorists, smugglers, and delinquents. Dark, cold, and at times decidedly morbid, Papers, Please is an experiment in morality disguised as a Cold War paperwork simulator. Presented in retro pixel-art style, the game brilliantly constructs…

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Oh, for the love of C.O.D.

Matthew Ritchie, Staff Contributor On Nov. 9, Call of Duty: Black Ops broke the record for highest sales of a video game in a single day. The game sold more than 5.6 million copies in the U.K and North America. This is pretty impressive. But some people aren’t as impressed by this figure, as most…

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